Insanity in Cutest Form

So easy I am to forgive
So hard it is to forget
the images I’ve seen
the people I’ve met.
Nothing short of a miracle at first
gazing hopelessly starry eyed.
I never thought you’d do this to me
I’d never think you’d make me cry.
Now I live in fear of another taking my place.
Theres nothing I love more than the person attached to that face.
We’ve all made mistakes
Mine were probably worse
I never thought you would though
You seemed so perfect.
No one is perfect and this I can relate.
We still love each other
even with all of our mistakes.

Kiking the habit

Did you think I wouldn’t find out?
what you are really all about
did it seem to be fine?
when I saw through your lies.
nothing here’s fine
I wish I could leave you behind
but then I get sad
because you’re the best I’ve ever had.
I caught you in the act
there’s no way to hide it now
no turning back this time
we’re in it for the long haul
how could you cross that line?
the look on your face
as if your world came crashing down
its not too late
we can turn it all around.
Hold steady won’t you
don’t crack on me now
I can’t make it without you
don’t ever make me frown again
Im telling you
if you ever do
that again
everything must end.
Didn’t want to find out
how many games you were playing
the words came from your mouth
now it’s time to heal again
You really thought I wouldn’t find out
but I still stand here
you are my only friend.
Promise me something
you’ll never do this again
because if it does
this entire world will end.

Dillon Francis ft DJ Snake - Get Low

Sevyn Streeter - It Won’t Stop

Tyga ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Senile

#TBT with my goblin Angelina <3 #throwbackthursday

#TBT with my goblin Angelina <3 #throwbackthursday

Meghan Trainor - All about that bass

Medical Assistant swag lol &lt;3 He loves me in uniform ;3

Medical Assistant swag lol <3 He loves me in uniform ;3

The fuck you lookin&#8217; at?! lol &lt;3

The fuck you lookin’ at?! lol <3